Become a Driver

Increase Your Earning Potential

All Drivers register and get activated pre-launch to be eligible for 0% commission for the first 4 weeks post-launch

Safety First

Access in-app safety features and our 24/7 dedicated support team 

Be in Control

Pick up nearby riders or choose the location you want to drive in 

Weekly Payouts

Get paid weekly and earn flexibly

The platform is connecting over 550 million riders and tens of millions of drivers worldwide everyday

Become a DiDi Fleet Partner

Maximize Earnings From Your Fleet

Increase total orders on your fleet and reduce idle time

Safety First

Access DiDi’s pioneering in-app safety features and our 24/7 dedicated driver support team

Be In Control

  • Monitor driver performance through DiDi’s platform
  • Receive detailed & automated reports

Your safety comes first

Your safety is our top priority, learn more about the safety features available in the DiDi app so you can use them any time you need to.